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July 20-21st 2012 Google's 6th year at the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage! This is a two day, 190 mile relay race from the northern tip of Washington in Blaine, through farm country and along the coast, across Deception Pass and finishing at the southern end of Whidbey Island at Langley. This isn't your average team offsite!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who is bringing what?

Group gear:
  • Coolers with ice for the four vans: AmandaH, Min, Jeremy, Nikki
  • Vests: KatyaR, Amanda (2), Nikki, KatyaM, Chrissie
  • Headlamps: KatyaR, Ken, Amanda (2), Thais, Kym(2)
  • Red blinking lights for the vests: KatyaR, AmandaC, Laura, Marcos
  • First aid kits: Matthew, Brie, Nikki, Chrissie
  • Computer with wireless access: Matthew, AmandaC
  • Van decorating pens: Matthew
  • Race bibles and emergency contact info for each van: AmandaC
Extra vests, headlamps, blinking lights, and first aid kits would be great!

Recommended things for everyone to bring:
  • Personal, labeled water bottle. Whatever you want to drink during your run.
  • Any snacks for between runs, or for Saturday morning breakfast.
  • Cash for restaurants (splitting checks is a pain)
  • Towel, for the showers
  • Spare clothes
  • Layers for running (take a look at the weather and what times you are expected to run)
  • Sunscreen (advil/moleskin/band-aids/icyhot)
  • Deodorant!
  • Sleeping bag (if you bring a pillow try to find a small one)
  • Cell phone/gps is nice!

Don't bring much bulk. The vans seem small when they have six people and everyone's stuff and runners keep rotating.

Bring your stuff to Kirkland on Thursday if possible. We'll send out an email Thursday afternoon once we have the vans (hopefully!) and we can do some packing then.

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