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July 20-21st 2012 Google's 6th year at the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage! This is a two day, 190 mile relay race from the northern tip of Washington in Blaine, through farm country and along the coast, across Deception Pass and finishing at the southern end of Whidbey Island at Langley. This isn't your average team offsite!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Safety Highlights

  1. Each of the 36 legs has been designated as either Support or No Van Support legs. On support legs teams are allowed to support their runner along the course. On non-support legs teams are not allowed to support their runner.
  2. No Van Support/Partial No Support leg are: 2,3,8,29,31,32. There will be a water station on the full no support legs. These sections are clearly marked in the race bible. These No Van Support and Partial No Van Support legs are on roads where the speed limits are higher and dangerous for runners to get in out of the vans and cross the street. Do not leave your vehicle on these sections. In Fort Casey on Leg 31 it has a partial no support portion you cannot stopon. Fort Casey doesn’t want us stopping on the no support part of that leg, It is clearly marked in the Race Bible.Because they have asked us to do that I have reserved Driftwood Park, where you can pull into and wait for your runner. Again all this is marked in the Ragmag
  3. Any team member, who is not currently the “runner”, must carry an orange reflective flag when crossing any street, day or night. At the start line van 1 will be required to check out 2 flags; at exchange 6 van 2 will be required to check out 2 flags. We will take your credit card information, and if flags are not returned your card will be charged $15 per flag. Be sure to bring your credit card to the start line. For more information on road crossing safety, refer to the race bible.
  4. There will be 3 race officials monitoring all race rules along the course. Teams will be observed throughout the race to make sure they are following the rules. Teams will be notified by text message when a rule violation has occurred. If a team receives 3 violations they will be disqualified. Course marshals may also disqualify teams on the spot without prior warning for serious rule violations.
  5. There will be mandatory safety training at the Start Line for van 1 and at Major Exchange 6 for van 2. Each team is required to have all team members, attend the safety training. The safety training will last approximately 10-15 minutes. Please arrive an hour early to give your team enough time to participate in the safety briefing prior to running. Each van will receive a safety packet at the training (Van 1 at the Start Line, Van 2 at Exchange 6). The safety packet will include items that will need to be displayed in the vehicle along with the safety rules.
  6. No sleeping in parking lots. You must sleep on the grass, in designated parking areas, or in your vehicle. There will be indoor sleeping at 12 & 30. Outdoor sleeping at 18 & 24

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